Pitt Town Church's Massive Garage Sale

Another great day has been held at the Pitt Town Church's "Massive Garage Sale". Heaps of people helped to create a wonderful festival spirit. Funds raised are going to support the "Wells for West Papua" project which has already raised many thousands of dollars to sink wells for the local people so that they can have reliable safe drinking water.
Windsor Church assisted by holding a BBQ stall. Here are three worthy and enthusiastic workers.


"Messy Church" Family Service.

Meanwhile, here are some photos of a recent 'different' Service in the Windsor Church. On Palm Sunday we held a special Family Service with a difference and lots of organised chaos. People could choose various crafts and activities to help reflect on the various themes of Palm Sunday, when Jesus rode into the city of Jerusalem on a donkey. He was waved to by the crowds who hailed him as their King! It was a show of the alternative power of God's Reign - a different option to the brutal and oppressive Romans.


The congregation had lots of fun doing things together as they reflected and learned. There were lots of kids whose energy and enthusiasm were infectious. There was lots of noise, fun and laughter, then morning tea afterwards.